What Being Abducted Taught Me About Memory

A deep-dive into the science of remembering and what it can teach us about living better

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Making Memories

The Hippocampus

Total (Memory) Recall

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Another punch landed squarely on my jaw…

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BAJATE SUS MANOS HIJO DE P**A (Put your arms down, ya SOB)

Punch punch, ow ow

DIJE BAJATE LAS MANOS (I said put your hands down!)


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DAME EL CÓDIGO! (Give me your PIN code)


Trés trés dos cuatro, I said, goblets of putty-like mucus hanging from my burning nostrils.

Elbow to the face

Código incorrecto! DAME EL P*** CÓDIGO HIJO DE P***! (Incorrect code, gimme the f***ing code, ya SOB)

Punch Punch to my temple

Chuta, no sé que te puedo decir, es 3324. (Crap, I don’t know what to tell you, its 3324)

Punch — jaw

INCORRECTO — QUIERES QUE TE GOLPEO MÁS HIJO DE P***?? (Incorrect, you want me to hit you more?)

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The Relativity of Memory

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Malleable Memories

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“Apparently stable memories may become susceptible to modifications when retrieved due to the process of reconsolidation.” — Dr. Karim Nader

Drug Therapy

Reconsolidation-updating: Tripping-up your Triggers

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Interference with Competing Information

“Whenever a patient consciously remembers the content of a flashback, the associated memory trace becomes temporarily unstable. If interference occurs during this time, the memory trace could be weakened, resulting in fewer flashbacks…” — Ruhr-University Bochum

Remember to Forget

Step 1: Recall Revision — Awareness of the past

Step 2: Interrupt the Past — Be in the Present

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Step 3: Update your Perspective

“What you do and learn in life physically changes what your brain looks like — it literally rewires it.” — John Medina

Final thoughts

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